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Tuscarawas County Weather News

Gloomy Tuesday with sun returning Wednesday

By Joe Ebner - New Philadelphia, Ohio | October 20, 2014 at 5:57 pm
Last updated: 5:57 pm


We had kind of a gloomy day across the Tuscarawas Valley this Monday. A threat for showers also hung around for much of the day because of the numerous areas of scattered showers in western Ohio that kept migrating east … Continue reading

3:00 PM Radar Check: Showers Moving In

By Joe Ebner - New Philadelphia, Ohio | at 3:24 pm
Last updated: 3:24 pm

Some areas saw a few breaks in the clouds and some peaks of sunshine coming through this afternoon. This could bring some instability and allow for a few isolated rumbles of thunder in a few spots across northern Ohio as … Continue reading

NOAA issues generic El Nino Winter Forecast

By Joe Ebner - New Philadelphia, Ohio | at 3:11 pm
Last updated: 3:11 pm

You may have seen on the news, or read in the newspaper that NOAA released their Winter Outlook for the upcoming winter season. Dave and I have a number of problems with this forecast. I’ll explain: First and foremost, what … Continue reading

Today's Tuscarawas County Weather Forecast

Low pressure near buffalo will move off the Southern New England coast later today and then remain stationary through mid week...trapped by deepening low pressure aloft across the northeast portion of the nation. High pressure will move into the central Great Lakes Tuesday and extend into the upper midwest through Thursday.


Showers Likely. Chance for Measurable Precipitation 70%

Chance Showers. Chance for Measurable Precipitation 50%

Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Cloudy

Mostly Sunny

Partly Cloudy
Hi 52 °FLo 44 °FHi 53 °FLo 41 °FHi 56 °FLo 39 °F
Expanded and Revised 7-Day Weather Forecasts for New Philly, Bolivar, Dennison, Newcomerstown, Strasburg, Sugarcreek, Zoar

Current Weather Conditions Across Tuscarawas County

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 07:45 AM -
Next Update: 8:00 am

Today's Weather Hazards  
Currently at Harry Clever Field...

Overcast at 900 ft

Overcast - Mist

51.1°F falling


Feels Like 51
Humidity: 96%rising
Dew Point: 50.0°Frising
Wind: S @ 0.0 mph (0.0 kts)
Gusting to: 0 mph
Barometer: 29.870 in. (1011.5 mb)rising
Rain Today: 0.02 in.
Visibility: 3 mile(s)
In other communities across the county:

  Temp     Dew Point Pressure Humidity Winds Rain     Last Report
New Philadelphia 51.3°F 49.8°F 29.887in. 95% SW @ 0mph Gust 0mph 0.000in. 7:39 AM EDT
Sugarcreek 49.8°F 48.9°F 29.846in. 97% SW @ 2mph Gust 9mph 0.000in. 7:28 AM EDT
Dover 32.0°F 32.0°F 0.000in. % @ 0mph Gust 0mph -
Newcomerstown 51.1°F 49.6°F 29.867in. 95% West @ 1mph Gust 2mph 0.000in. 7:40 AM EDT
Strasburg 50.5°F 50.2°F 29.867in. 98% SW @ 0mph Gust 0mph 0.000in. 7:40 AM EDT
Latest NEXRAD Radar Image for Tuscarawas County, Oh

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